Why Do You Need an Interface Consultant?


In order for the Russians to seriously do business with you, they need to first make you their friend. They need to trust you, like you, and respect you. Your schedule is already over booked, and you simply cannot afford the time it takes to build a personal relationship. You need to show results, and you need to do it quickly. In addition, you may be uncomfortable engaging at a level the Russians require in order to be a friend the way they understand friendship. 

Because of the cultural differences, you and your Russian counterparts often attribute different meaning to the same words, behaviors, and events. This makes it difficult to achieve true mutual understanding, which is essential if you want to move beyond the talking points and build lasting, profitable, long-term deals.

Engaging the services of an interface consultant is an efficient way to address this challenge of differences in culture, the value placed on time, and the requirement for personal friendship.

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