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JMK Contact, Inc. offers training programs on team building, leadership development and international communications.

Our goal is to help our trainees incorporate what they have learned in their work practices thus increasing their productivity and satisfaction with their work.

We ensure that our training produces lasting results by offering individual and group follow-up coaching sessions as part of our training package. The programs range from several hours to several days and are conducted at our Washington, DC offices or at the client's site.


Building Cross-Cultural Competencies: A Key Requirement for Succeeding in a Global Legal Arena

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“Why can an intercultural matter be so frustrating and time-consuming? What drives your counterpart’s behavior and your reaction to it? How can you build trust across the barriers of geography, culture and language? What are the key elements of success when working internationally? Why don’t they honor contracts the same way we do and what can you do about it? Whether you are working on a pro bono matter with clients from different cultural backgrounds, an international arbitration or judicial action, pitching business internationally, an appreciation of cultural differences and the ability to build trust is critical to your success.

This program is available as a series of four one-hour presentation.
It is also delivered in cooperation with Celesq LegalEd Center and West Attorney Ed Center in a webinar format, and is approved for CLE credit. 

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Take It Personally! Close Profitable Deals Overseas

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This program, originally presented for the George Washington University, provides a proven methodology for closing deals in international markets. It is available in an all day format, or as a series of one hour briefings.



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There IS Enough Time: Advanced Productivity Workshop for Senior Executives

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This program is for people who are already experts at squeezing large number of tasks into a limited window of time. As the result of the program they will learn how to “edit” their to do lists, create a Stop Doing List, learn what kinds of things deplete them or energize them. This is an excellent program for teams – as people pick one or two major time wasters – for example, emails or poorly planned meetings – and together come up with a plan to deal with those. To request more information click here.





Living the Inspired Life

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Living the Inspired Life is  a leadership development and a team renewal program focused on goal-setting from the inside out. It’s fun, uplifting and experiential. Participants walk out with two goals that are uniquely inspiring to them, and a set of skills they can use to set “real” goals as opposed to “should” goals. In the times of crisis, when many people are facing unplanned changes, this is a very important program. It helps people turn a seeming setback into a great and exciting opportunity. To request more information click here.



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