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Language Services

JMK Contact, Inc. provides a full range of languages services including document translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (including equipment), and transcription.

We specialize in senior level events, complex and technical subject matter, assignments where sophistication, versatility, diplomatic poise and extreme levels of precision are required, and even a small mistake could lead to significant consequences.

Our interpreters have worked at the highest levels of business and government, including for the US and Russian Presidents, the US Secretary of State, the Russian Foreign Minister, the President of Kazakhstan, the US Secretary of Defense, the Russian Minister of Defense, the Israeli Foreign Minister, the Chairman of Exxon Mobil Corporation, and the President of the World Bank. Our interpreters’ voices have been used by CNN, ABC, and other major networks.

We perform equally well in a simultaneous interpreting booth, interpreting consecutively in a small group or in front of thousands of people and TV cameras, in a deposition or a courtroom, delivering an official address, a joke or a toast, or translating a record of the meeting, a meeting agenda, or parts of an agreement. This level of versatility is extremely difficult to find.


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We offer translation and interpretation services in the Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese languages.


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The objective of translation services is to convert a written text from the source language to the target language while preserving the exact meaning and intent of the source document.

We offer document translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian.  We specialize in technical and legal documents. Our areas of expertise include aerospace, nuclear science, demilitarization, environment, medical, oil and gas, electric power, life sciences, telecommunications, etc.

Our translators and editors are native speakers of the target languages. Our editors have technical degrees in a required discipline (electrical engineers, nuclear scientists, medical doctors, etc.). In order to achieve highest levels of precision and quality we work with authors to ensure understanding, and maintain and regularly update glossaries of terms.



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The objective of interpretation services is to allow people who do not speak the same language to have the same experience as they would have, if they spoke each other’s language. This is achieved by interpreters fully understanding the statement in the source language and rendering it in the target language while preserving the exact meaning, emotion, intent and nuance of the source statement.

Unlike translation, interpreting is a highly personal business. Our clients hire us to listen and speak for hem; and therefore personal chemistry between interpreter and client is extremely important. JMK Contact, Inc. interpreter selection process is designed to create a good fit between the individual qualities of an interpreter and task requirements. For example, we will not assign a shy (although completely competent) interpreter to an assignment where interpreting from stage is required. We also strive to put together interpreting teams where both English and Russian are represented as native languages. This allows us to assure 100% native fluency in both languages and cultures.

We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for the following venues:

  • Senior level (VIP) interpreting
  • Conferences
  • Court hearings, depositions
  • Business and government negotiations
  • Training events
  • Social events (dinners, shopping, checking into hotels etc)
  • Telephonic interpretation
  • Voice-overs



Comprehensive Conference Support

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JMK Contact, Inc. offers comprehensive conference support services, including:


Conference planning

  • telephonic interpreting for teleconferences between conference organizers and Russian participants
  • translation of e-mails and other correspondence
  • translation of conference agenda and other materials



  • simultaneous interpreting equipment and simultaneous interpreters for a plenary session; whisper interpretation for break-out sessions
  • consecutive interpreting from stage for a luncheon speaker
  • consecutive interpreting in small group and one-on-one meetings
  • on-site translation of records of the meeting and other documents when required
  • social interpreting during site-seeing and shopping trips


Conference follow-up

  • translation of conference proceedings
  • telephonic interpreting
  • translation of e-mails and other correspondence

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