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Russian-American Interface Consulting

JMK Contact, Inc. provides the full range of interface services required to ensure a smooth interaction between Russian and American counterparts. In the same way that you need a power adapter in order to make your laptop work in a Russian hotel, you need an interface consultant to make your business expertise work in Russia.

By focusing on process, we approximate a level of comfort that our clients would have if they were doing business with another American company. As the result our clients are able to focus on business at hand instead of spending their energy feeling frustrated with the "strange" behavior of their counterparts.

Our interface consultants are sophisticated bi-lingual and bi-cultural mediators who build relationships, trust, and understanding between you and your Russian counterpart. We provide context and meaning; our job is to listen, analyze, synthesize, and communicate.

We are the client's stealth weapon. Our goal is to smoothly and efficiently advance their agenda, to help them achieve clarity on what they want, and to communicate it effectively to the Russian side. We make sure that progress is made and commitments are kept.


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1 Interface Consultant: A Tool for Success in Russia
2 Why Do You Need an Interface Consultant?
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