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Intercultural Management Consulting

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Have you ever participated in a costly trip to Russia, where your team delivered a presentation on your company’s capabilities, the Russians said they were interested, you came home excited looking forward to closing a profitable deal, only to discover that weeks and months later there was no follow-up? Have you ever felt frustrated with how long it takes to get things done in Russia? Have you ever felt “stuck”, working hard but not making much progress on your Russian project?

A source of these difficulties often lies in insufficient understanding of what the Russians need in order to do business. One of the more common mistakes Americans make is that they skip the foundation building stage. While it could take from several months to a year, this stage is a prerequisite for success of the project. The time is spent collecting the necessary information, as well as identifying and building key relationships.

Another source is the stress produced by the need to work in a foreign environment, where a big part of what you know and rely on does not apply.

Based on our knowledge of the Russian business reality and the best industry practices for getting things done in Russia, we will advise you on how to devise a realistic strategy and a project plan. We will plan for and put in place all necessary resources including a local office, translators and interpreters both in the US and Russia.  By having a realistic plan and a sound implementation strategy you will produce long-term, lasting results for your business, avoid frustration, save time and resources.

An additional powerful set of skills we bring to the table is that of executive coaching. We help you make progress under most stressful circumstances. As Franklin Covey certified executive coaches, we are trained to serve as your sounding board, helping you clarify your thoughts, telling you the truth the way we see it. In our coaching arsenal we have many tools that would facilitate your finding your own answers, thus promoting growth and self-sufficiency; see your “blind spots”, get moving when you feel “stuck” and achieve your best potential. Many of our clients find it incredibly valuable to have an opportunity to freely and in complete confidence discuss what’s on their mind with a skilled sophisticated professional who understands their business and is fully on their side.


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