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Senior Level Relationship Creation and Management

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This is the key function of the interface person. We bridge the gap between the Russian need for personal relationships and your requirement to efficiently move toward your desired results.

Even though there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, we will minimize your personal involvement, while maximizing effectiveness of your communication with the Russians.We will build your relationship for you by helping you and your counterparts overcome initial attitudes of hostility and distrust. We will help your get to know each other, and find common interests. In the beginning, we may be the one thing that you have in common.

We establish and maintain open lines of communication with key people in Russia. When talking to the Russians, we always make it clear that we work for you and speak on your behalf. If they need to contact you, they get in touch with us, and we either handle the matter or arrange for a phone call with you.

We create an open, nonthreatening environment where the Russian side is comfortable speaking openly and asking questions. We explain your position and the context in which you operate; we also explain to you the Russian situation and the reasons for their behavior. We know what information you are likely to need and ask the appropriate questions. After each exchange with the Russian side, we write a report for you and your team, alerting you to new opportunities, possible conflicts, or to actions that you need to take.

In our many years in business we have discovered that regularly scheduled short phone conversations between you and your Russian partners are an efficient way to enhance your relationship, and to keep your project moving. When you meet afterwards, there is a tremendous difference in how much easier it is for both of you to reach an agreement.

In consultation with you and the Russians, we prepare the agenda for the call, conduct preliminary discussion of the issues, and inform you of each other’s thinking (only to the extent directed by you). After the conversation we talk with the Russians again to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

Obviously, all of our interactions with you and the Russians are kept confidential.


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