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Julia Karpiesky



1025 Connecticut Ave N.W.
Suite 1012

Washington,  DC  20036

Telephone: 202.857.9736
Fax: 202.857.9799

Information: Ms. Karpeisky is a founder and owner of JMK Contact, Inc., an international communications company helping American clients succeed in the former Soviet Union. Over the course of the last 10+ years Ms. Karpeisky participated in creation of winning strategies, building relationships, resolving conflicts, and bringing deals to closure. In the same way one needs a power adapter to make their laptop work overseas, Americans need a human interface to make their expertise function there. Ms. Karpeisky serves as such an interface assuring full understanding and seamless communication between Americans and their Russian-speaking counterparts. Learn more about Ms. Karpiesky under ABOUT US | PRESIDENT.

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